Icon Computing Self Isolation

Due to Covid 19 self isolation rules Icon Computing will be closed until the 30th of November.

Please do not panic as this does not mean the shop or my self are infected in any way, this is a lock down put on my self due to close contact with some one suspected of being infected with the virus and for any one concerned I feel perfectly fine and the shop was clean regularly any way to avoid infection.

Unfortunately this does mean any on going repair jobs in the shop are now on hold until the 30th of November when I return, due to them having to stay in the shop while I have to self isolate at home.

However if needed I do have an out of hours (Now Self Isolation) phone number you can all call me on if needed which is 07447 112301, you can also contact me via email and Facebook/ Google Maps messenger at any time if needed.

Sorry again for any inconvenience this may cause to my customers, please bare in mind if you are looking for prices for buying new items like laptops/ desktops of Christmas I can still do pricing from home so please do not hesitate to get in contact and I will get you the prices you need ready for reopen on the 30th of November.

Thank You all for understanding and make sure you all keep safe.

Shop Is Now Open

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