Covid 19 Update

Good morning customers,

Just wanted to keep you all updated on what is happening with the shop during this Covid 19 part lock down announced last night by Boris.

I will be attempting to keep the shop open for as long as possible, but I will be also be complying with the restrictions as well as making some of my own to reduce risk to my customers and my self.

We all know the current UK restrictions like social distancing and making sure you only go out if it is essential, as well as washing hands so I wont go into detail with that.

The shop rules are as follows:

  • It hopefully goes without saying, please do not come into the shop if you are unsure if you are ill or not, as this will risk everyone and the shop.
  • Its is a small shop with limited space, so it will be one customer at a time and you will need to call ahead if coming into the shop.
  • Cleaning of your device will be done in the shop, but please make every effort to safely clean your device before bringing it into the shop (if you require advice on cleaning your device please ask during your phone call to the shop)
  • All payments will be performed by card payment only, as this reduces risk from infected cash handling.
  • Hours will stay the same for week day opening times, but there will continue to be no opening hours on weekends (Updates on these times will be done via Facebook page opening times and google maps)

If other rules or changes are needed they will be posted as quick updates on social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter.

This is all mainly to protect the customers and my self from becoming ill, but this is also to help support the shop as a small business, due to the fact that the government is still keeping quiet about what options small business like Icon Computing have for financial help during these times.

All please keep safe and do not take any unnecessary risks, if you need to call or email the shop please see all the contact options on the Contact Us page.

1 thought on “Covid 19 Update”

  1. I’m glad you are saying open as people will still need there laptops and Pcs repaired, also with the lots of people working from home if the have a problem with there PCs they have somewhere to go get it repaired, with the schools being closed and the kids have to work from home the will help too.
    Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best.

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