Fire Break Lockdown Update

Good afternoon customers and friends of Icon Computing.

As you are all aware there is a Fire Break Lock Down in Wales right now, which is causing some issues with people not being able to get the things they need from super markets and other large stores.

This means small businesses in your community are going to need your help again and this includes Icon Computing, you should always support your local stores and small business first if possible.

So I just wanted to give you all a quick post on the website here to tell you all the shop is still open and serving customers the same as I was during the last lock down, but the rules apply again from last time which are as follows:

  • It hopefully goes without saying, please do not come into the shop if you are unsure if you are ill or not, as this will risk everyone and the shop.
  • Please wear a mask at all times, with exceptions for people with Genuine Reasons for not wearing one.
  • Its is a small shop with limited space, so it will be one customer at a time and you will need to call ahead if coming into the shop.
  • Cleaning of your device will be done in the shop, but please make every effort to safely clean your device before bringing it into the shop (if you require advice on cleaning your device please ask during your phone call to the shop)
  • All payments will be performed by card payment only if Possible, as this reduces risk from infected cash handling.
  • Hours will stay the same for week day opening times, but there will continue to be no opening hours on weekends (Updates on these times will be done via Facebook page opening times and google maps)

If needed times for customer appointments can be booked via the Facebook Page, this includes an option to select a pre defined service or give details your self if needed.

All shop contact details can also be found on the Contact Us page on this website, you may also use Facebook Messenger if you are unsure on how to use the Facebook booking option or just have general questions.

Any changes to the status of the shop will be posted here, social media and via the google maps listing updates.

I hope to see you all in store very soon.

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